Outreach360 OLÉ Team Leader - Dominican Republic

Monte Cristi Province, Dominican Republic


Outreach360 OLÉ Team Leader Position - Dominican Republic


Outreach360 is a non-profit organization working in the Dominican Republic and Nicaragua. Our mission is to enable children to live a life of choice— to help them to stay in school, and to be well qualified when completing high school to attend college or take vocational education.

We involve American and Canadian high schools, colleges, churches, individuals, and families to teach in local schools and at our Learning Centers. Over 20,000 short term volunteers have joined Outreach360 since 1994.

We have openings for individuals and/or couples to join us in the Dominican Republic as OLÉ Volunteer Team Leaders. OLÉ is an acronym for Outreach, Leadership, and Education. The 2019 OLÉ Volunteer position is a seven month commitment - from December 26, 2019 (travel day) to August 3, 20120. You will be leading short-term volunteers as they work to make a difference providing opportunity to underserved children. You will quickly have the opportunity and expectation to take on increasing leadership roles and additional accountability.

Both members of couples team will need to qualify as OLÉs. Candidates are not able to bring partners or spouses who are not OLÉ leaders. OLÉ Leaders may not have children accompany them for this position due to the minimal educational opportunities available, the heavy workload, the extreme flexibility required, and the limited living accommodations available.

The selected candidates will be enthusiastic, flexible, love people, have a college degree or equivalent, and be conversational in both English and Spanish. Applicants must be citizens of the United States or Canada. OLÉ Leaders must be willing to serve in either the Dominican Republic or Nicaragua.



To make a difference in the local community. To make a difference with our international volunteers. You will:


OLÉ Leaders will start with us in the Dominican Republic on December 26th, 2019 (travel day). The volunteer position is temporary, and will end on August 3, 2020.

Team Leader Responsibilities:

The Outreach360 Team Leader has overall responsibility for the experience Outreach360 volunteers have. The Team Leader’s responsibilities include:

The Team Leader’s tasks include:

**The Team Leader’s position could be compared to that of a camp director, school principal, or residence hall director.

You will be asked to fill in at times as a teacher or program leader.


Additional Outreach360 info:

To learn more about Outreach360, visit: http://www.outreach360.org

General Selection Process:

  1. Review this job description.
  2. Email HR at [email protected] with position specific questions to ensure you are interested and qualified for the position.
  3. If qualified and interested, fill out the online application by clicking "apply for this job" below.
  4. You will be notified within 7 days if you have been selected for a video interview with one of our leaders. Couples applying for the position will be interviewed separately, but hired jointly.

Time Requirement:

The days are long and the weeks are full as we have volunteer teams arriving week after week. We (somewhat jokingly) say the work is 25 hours a day, 8 days a week.) It is certainly not an 8-5 type of position. You can expect to have an average of two days of rest each week. These position should be filled by individuals who are high energy, and who enjoy lots of work and who enjoy working with people and making a difference.


Housing is very simple. You will be sharing a room with other OLÉ Leaders of the same sex. All meals are eaten in a common area, so there is no need for personal kitchen facilities. Most of your time is spent away from your room, so housing is not critical. We have internet and phone access at all locations. Our OLÉ Volunteers should understand they will be working outside of their room, and be satisfied with very simple yet adequate accommodations.

Please contact [email protected] with any position specific questions before applying.



This is a position where you can make a significant difference. Both with the children you are impacting, and also with the many American and Canadian volunteers who join us. It is a life-changing experience for almost all volunteers; you create that opportunity for them. This is also an opportunity to be immersed in a new and different culture.

Transportation from and to your home location in the U.S. or Canada is included, along with room and board, traveler's medical insurance, a monthly stipend for incidentals, and a transition allowance at the completion of your 7 month commitment.

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